Are you a Maker or a Manager?

Paul Graham writes very useful stuff.  I respect his mind.

Read his Maker’s Schedule, Manager’s Schedule essay for what I think is one of the smartest descriptions of the classic problem all programmers face.

Spread this meme in your organization.

Are you a Maker or a Manager?

Both are useful, but they are very different roles.

I am a Maker.  I need two things to be productive:

  1. A completely quiet place to work.
  2. Vast chunks of totally uninterrupted time.

How simple is that?  Turns out, not so simple.  The forces of evil work to ensure that you almost never get either.

Spread the Maker/Manager meme. 

If you’re a Maker, reject 10 AM, 11 AM, 2 PM, and 3 PM meetings.  Write in your response, “Sorry, I’m a Maker, and this doesn’t work for me.”  When someone asks for a meeting, insist on first thing AM, lunchtime, or last thing PM.  Otherwise, no.  No meeting.

You’re a Maker.  Your needs should be respected.  The Makers of the world shouldn’t have to go home to get their work done because the Managers killed their day.