SQL Nexus released


A new version of the tool - SQL Nexus ( was released:

Release Notes

Most fixes are related to silent or batch processing

1) Adjusted CurrentDB text box for auto-complete and copy and paste database name
2) Enhanced batch/silent import running from command prompt.
example: sqlnexus.exe" -S"<serverName>" -d"<db Name>" -E -I"<Input file path>" -X -O"output log directory"
a) ability to run silent mode including running under xp_cmdshell
b) allow log directory (-O) to create log file (sqlnexus.000.log) instead of default location (%Temp%)
c) automatically select first instance if data collected from mult-instances.

Other fixes include unable to find post-script "PerfStatsAnalysis.sql"

[List of improvements introduced in SQL Nexus]

The big change is that SQL Nexus doesn't depend of SQL Server 2005 tools to run.

This is the list of Improvements:

1) will work on 2008 only machine (without requiring 2005 tools)
2) add SQL Server authentication
3) divide by zero error
4) remove dependency to 2005 SMO
5) Error converting data type varchar to datetime. (.Net SqlClient Data Provider) (
6) adding a SQL Server 2000 blocking report (thanks to AmitBan)
7) extract readtrace report during startup
8) Ignore blocking trace files (with *blk.trc file name)
9) Raise error if old version of read80trace is installed