PDC 2005 - C# Futures with Anders Hejlsberg - Double Overflow

Today is the second presentation of the Anders Hejlsberg discussion on C# 3.0. This is a presentation I wanted to attend twice just to take it all in. It's in a smaller room today, but is also being broadcast into two overflow rooms. The coordinators requested a third presentation for tomorrow on the spot. Keep an eye out on commnet for a possible third presentation.

There are exciting additions coming to the C# language in 3.0. The new features in C# 2.0 are laying the groundwork for LINQ and C# 3.0 (Orcas timeframe). Anders has laid out solid design goals for future versions of C#. One stood out to me: To avoid tying language features to a specific API or technology. Anders wants to avoid tying C# to something that would result in the language depreciating with the technology.

It is this rational envisioning and dedication that earns Anders the respect of the developer community. That respect was clearly demonstrated by a double-overflow audience and a (potentially) second encore. I encourage you to check out the future of C# and communicate your feedback. The PDC hands on labs are available for public consumption.

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