PDC2005 - Day 1 - Afternoon Sessions

This posting will be a "living document". I will update with relevant notes during the day today and tonight. I may flush out individual bullet points in greater detail.

This afternoon I attended sessions on:

High Performance Computing with the Windows Server Compute Cluster Solution

Programming with Concurrency (Part 1)

  • Recommended reading:
  • Herb Sutter article: "The Free Lunch is Over"
  • Vance Morrison - "What Every Dev Should Know About Multithreaded Apps" , MSDN Aug/Oct 05
  • Andrew Birrell, "Programming with Threads in C#"
  • Asynchronous Call docs on MSDN
  • Doug Lea, "Concurrent Programming in Java" - The concepts apply to managed code as well.
  • Intel Platform 2015

A Lap Around IIS7 [Currently In Progress 4:45pm PDT]

  • History of IIS
  • Since RTM, IIS6 has had ZERO critical security fixes issued.
  • Metabase is DEAD in II7 - See applicationHost.config as the global web configuration file
  • inetmgr is DEAD in II7 - See web.config in the virtual directory
  • Web Management Tool is the new UI
  • Modular design enables you to remove any or all modules. Remove CGI from your web.config if not in use. Remove all MSFT modules and implement others. Reduce the patch/maintenance overhead and attack profile of your web server considerably.
  • Improved diagnostics in IIS7 - View real-time server state information of Sites, Apps, AppPools, and AppDomains
  • Extensibility is a big part of IIS7 - Custom modules and logging events