Composite Guidance for Silverlight and WPF (aka Prism V2)Released!

We are very proud to release the Composite Application Guidance for Silverlight and WPF (which we often refer to as Prism V2).  This release takes the composite story we developed for WPF and brings it to Silverlight.  Additionally, we have some good guidance (and a little tooling) to help with building applications that target both WPF and Silverlight.

What’s new with V2?

  • Composite scenarios for Silverlight
  • Multi-targeting WPF and Silverlight applications
  • Improved UI Composition with support for view injection and view discovery
  • Quickstarts and RI for both Silverlight and WPF
  • Expanded documentation to include Silverlight-focused areas as well as more details about the MVVM / PresentationModel pattern

Learning More

To download the source and find the latest docs, go to the MSDN landing page.

You can find community forums and issues on the Prism Codeplex pages.

You can get a brief introduction to Prism from Blaine on Channel 9. 


Blaine and I also give an overview of Prism posted on Channel 9:


I am also working on a number of getting-started style screen-casts with Erwin, another dev on the project, to help build a complete Prism-based application to help you get started.  These will show up on Channel 9 too so stay tuned.