IASA FOUNDATION 101-102 Training Course in Boston July 19-23


Do you understand the basic principles and objectives of the IT architect? Can you describe the skills, capabilities and specializations in the field, including: software, infrastructure, business, and information architecture? Are role descriptions and career paths of the IT Architect in your organization commensurate with the global profession?

This course will introduce you and your team to the most important elements and skills in IT architecture. In 5 days of intensive classroom training we will cover the 5 pillars of skills you will need to be successful:

In addition this course will prepare you for the IASA Foundation Certification.


IASA Foundation 101/102 Combined

This combination delivery of Foundation 101 and 102 packs 8 days of training into 5 days. The student is assigned self-paced pre-work that covers IASA Foundation 101. They then attend a 5-day delivery starting with a brief Q&A period to answer any questions on the content of Foundation 101. Once complete, delivery of 102 begins and is covered in full. On Day 5 of the training, the IASA Foundation certification exam is delivered. All information covered in the IASA Foundation certification exam is covered in Foundation 101 and 102 courses.

  • Foundation 101 - provides a high level overview of the skills that the worldwide IASA community have found to be essential to every practicing IT architect. The course presents descriptions and examples of each capability in the IASA skills matrix, and provides real examples and strategies for implementation. Additionally, the course provides a structure to organize lifelong learning for the IT architect profession as well as an approach to effectively engage with key stakeholders.
  • Foundation 102 - provides the students with practical, useable skills they can put to use immediately. The course is structured to work through a project’s lifecycle from envisioning through operating. Students review a fictitious organization, prioritizing possible projects and then working their selected project through to an operational state.

The course will be administered at a cost of $2850 for IASA members, and $3,000 for non-members. You can view the schedule and register online from the IASA homepage, www.iasahome.org.

Agenda: IT Architecture Body of Knowledge (ITABoK)

  • Pillar 1: Business Technology
  • Pillar 2: IT Environment
  • Pillar 3: Quality Attributes
  • Pillar 4: Human Dynamics
  • Pillar 5: System Design

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