Jason Milgram named Windows Phone 7 Developer Hero of the Week


Jason Milgram, the CEO of Linxter has been named Windows Phone 7 Developer Hero of the Week.

Jason’s Track My Shots is a medical shot tracker application for Windows Phone 7 that uses Linxter and Azure on the back end.

From the article

Jason Milgram has always had fun programming, starting at age 12. He taught himself BASIC, bought a Timex/Sinclair 1000, and used his family’s 13” black & white TV as a monitor. He’s come a long way since then—he even started his own tech company right out of college—and has found his way into mobile app development. He still loves creating new things and says that Windows Phone 7 has “brought the fun back” to development with the ease of the Silverlight framework.

He recently created the TrackMyShots mobile app when a friend reached out and asked for some “technical support”. Jason’s friend was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, patients of which have to administer frequent injections. Currently she uses a paper log to keep track, but with the stress of an illness, carrying around a bulky notebook everywhere she goes is not ideal.


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