Microsoft Research opens a new lab in Cambridge, MA

msr Microsoft Research (known as MSR) is announcing today that it will open a new lab in Cambridge, Mass.  The lab will be the company’s sixth research center worldwide and its first on the East Coast.  Scheduled to open in July 2008, Microsoft Research New England will be located at One Memorial Drive.

Jennifer Chayes will be the managing director of the new lab.  Jennifer has been with Microsoft Research in Redmond since 1997.  She has extensive experience leading research teams at Microsoft and pursuing research in core areas of computer science.  She is the first woman to lead one of Microsoft’s international research labs.

The deputy managing director of Microsoft Research New England will be Christian Borgs.  Christian is a principal researcher and co-manager of the theory group at Microsoft Research. 

The New England lab will focus initially on two key areas: core computer science and the social sciences, with a particular emphasis on building connections between these two areas. It will also include a small group focused on design.

Being located in Cambridge will allow the lab to interact closely with the large community of scientists at the hundreds of great colleges and universities in the Greater Boston area and throughout the Northeast. 


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