MSDN Developer Conference and IASA This Week


This is a very exciting week for the developer and architect community here in Boston!


IASANE On Wednesday evening the IASA New England Chapter will host Roger Sessions for a discussion on Simple Architectures for Complex Enterprises. Roger Sessions is a well known speaker and presenter in the field of high-end enterprise architectures. Roger writes and publishes the ObjectWatch Newsletter, a widely read and highly regarded newsletter on high-end enterprise software technologies.
MSDN_DC_white The on Thursday the MSDN Developer Conference is coming to town. The MDC has been working its way across the US. The interesting feature of the MDC is that all the speakers are local influential developers and architects. The keynote and sessions will cover Windows Azure, Windows 7, ASP.NET 4.0, JQuery, Oslo, C# and VB Futures, WPF, Live Mesh, and Visual Studio 2010.

If you have not registered for the IASA meeting. visit:

If you want to register for the Boston MDC. visit:

I am looking forward to seeing you there! -bob

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