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Message Transformations

Message TransformationsManaged Services Engine Fundamentals Author(s): Aaron Skonnard 11/24/2009 [00:44:52]

This module discusses how message transformations can be used to overcome common SOA integration challenges, and how you can apply message transformations to your MSE solutions through custom transform policies.

Messaging Architecture

Messaging Architecture BizTalk Server 2009 Fundamentals Author(s): Matt Milner 11/24/2009 [00:55:59]

This module covers the fundamental concepts around messages, message routing, publication and subscriptions, and provides the overview of the components that make up the message layer of BizTalk Server.

Using the iUI Open Source Framework

iUI Open Source Framework iPhone ASP.NET Fundamentals Author(s): Jim Wilson 11/15/2009 [01:19:57]

This module introduces you to the iUI framework to create iPhone web content that conforms to these guidelines with a fraction of the effort.

Debugging, Configuring, and Deploying

Debugging, Configuring, and Deploying Managed Services Engine Fundamentals Author(s): Aaron Skonnard 11/24/2009 [00:51:21]

This module introduces you to some of the most practical aspects of working with MSE solutions in the real-world. I'll show you how to debug your MSE solutions, how to apply custom configurations, and how to deploy the MSE onto several types of multi-server topologies.

Browser Integration

Browser Integration Silverlight 3 Fundamentals Author(s): Ian Griffiths 11/4/2009 [00:35:45]

Silverlight applications run inside of web pages, and need to be able to interact with browser script and the HTML DOM. This module describes the mechanisms Silverlight offers for doing this.

MSE Extensibility

MSE Extensibility Managed Services Engine Fundamentals Author(s): Aaron Skonnard 11/24/2009 [01:12:36]

This module introduces you to the primary MSE extensibility points: custom policy assertion types and custom binding configurations. Along the way we'll cover the basics of WCF extensibility, with a specific focus on WCF behaviors and message interceptors, which lay the foundation for MSE extensibility.


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Customizing Work Items in TFS 2008

TFS 2008 Author(s): David Starr 12/8/2009 [00:14:08]

Learn how-to customize Work Item on TFS 2008, Type nomenclature, some tools for working with them, and how to customize existing Work Item Types.

Creating a Custom Check-In Policy for TFS 2008

TFS 2008 - Check-in Policy Author(s): David Starr 12/9/2009 [00:10:26]

Learn how-to create a custom check-in policy for Team Foundation Server 2008. The policy being created is deployed in the screencast "Deploying a Custom Checkin Policy for TFS 2008".

Hosting IronRuby

IronRuby - Hosting Author(s): Scott Allen 12/17/2009 [00:10:12]

Learn how-to host the Dynamic Language Runtime and executing IronRuby code from inside a .NET application written in C#.

Using the TFS 2008 API

Using the TFS 2008 API Author(s): David Starr 12/10/2009 [00:12:20]

Learn how-to install and then use the TFS 2008 API in this screencast. The screencast shows building a simple application to iterate through TFS Souce Control and list source control items.

RedGate .NET Reflector, Part III

.NET Reflector Author(s): Eric Burke 1/11/2010 [00:15:23]

Learn how-to use the command line, code:// URI, the export feature, and some add-ins when using .NET Reflector.

Consuming Services from Orchestrations Using WCF

Consuming Services from Orchestrations Using WCF Author(s): Matt Milner 1/4/2010 [00:13:40]

Learn how-to consume a web service from an orchestration by using the Biztalk Adapter for WCF.

ASP.NET MVC Extensibility

ASP.NET MVC Extensibility

Author(s): Rob Connery 11/1/2009 [00:19:29]

Learn how-to techniques to pull out the parts and replace aspects of the framework.

Introduction to WPF Data Binding

Introduction to WPF Data Binding Author(s): Ian Griffiths 11/1/2009 [00:21:12]

Learn how-to use the main techniques behind WPF data binding.

Intro to Correlation in BizTalk Server

Introduction to Correlation in BizTalk Server Author(s): Matt Milner 1/5/2010 [00:09:23]

Learn how-to setup and use correlation in BizTalk Server to route related message to an orchestration instance.

Creating a WCF Receive Location

Introduction to Correlation in BizTalk Server Author(s): Matt Milner 12/14/2009 [00:15:39]

Learn how-to publish schemas as WCF endpoints, enabling submission of messages to the messagebox using SOAP clients.


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