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image Client-side web site development has evolved into an increasingly important area for developers and designers over the past 5 years, allowing them to build incredibly rich and sophisticated user interfaces using technologies such as JavaScript, HTML and CSS and frameworks like the jQuery JavaScript Library and the 960 Grid System.

image The lines between designers and developers have become increasingly blurred pushing forward the need for a new type of web professional that understands how to approach the broader requirements of today’s rich internet sites. Having a firm grasp of JavaScript and CSS is now a realistic requirement for many of today’s web developers and the need to understand website performance optimization, unit testing, team collaboration, and large scale code maintenance will only help to make developers more valuable.

Script Junkie aims to help web developers gain the knowledge to apply these technologies and techniques in building browser-neutral web sites. By providing solutions-based articles, videos and code samples, developers will be able to have a concise resource to go to for the latest in web site development techniques.

To drive timely and relevant content, MSDN is partnering with the community and bringing javascript community luminaries such as Christian Heilmann, Elijah Manor, Emily Lewis, Juriy Zaytsev, Rey Bango and Jeffrey Zeldman on board to partner with us in providing great content. We are also syndicating the best of web site development resources through our COMMUNITY tab.

The ScriptJunkie team aims to make ScriptJunkie the go-to resource for the following scenarios:

  • Where can I [javascript web developer] quickly find sample code to solve my problems?
  • Where can I find practical code that I can use to build great browser neutral sites?
  • Which site has code that leverages key features in the MS web stack?

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