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As we aggressively grow our library in 2010, we've been adding a few very talented instructors to our team. This month be sure to watch Kate Gregory's how-to video on using Windows 7 taskbar overlays, and Yacine Khammal's how-to video on building a website with dynamic data and Entity Framework 4.0. Pluralsight co-founder Keith Brown has also produced a compelling how-to video on using LINQ to XML and ASP.NET to generate reporting pages. Finally, be sure to check out Scott Allen's new course C# Fundamentals to go from 0 to C# 4.0 guru in no time!

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T-SQL ISQL Server 2008 Fundamentals Author(s): Dan Sullivan 1/27/2010 [00:45:23]

This module covers some of the enhancements to Transact SQL that have been added in recent years. Specifically it covers row constructors, the output clause, large datatypes, and using the include clause in a covering index.

An Introduction to C#

An Introduction to C# C# Fundamentals Author(s): Scott Allen 2/8/2010 [00:53:27]

This module provides an overview of the C# programming language and the language's relationship to .NET and the CLR. This introductory model explains the basics of working in Visual Studio to create a C# application, and also begins to cover the syntax and features of the C# language.

BizTalk Adapters

BizTalk Adapters BizTalk 2006 Fundamentals Author(s): Matt Milner 1/14/2010 [01:00:25]

This module provides details on using the adapters included with BizTalk Server to connect to a variety of technologies and applications. Coverage also includes adapter metadata harvesting and configuration of adapters in static and dynamic scenarios.

SharePoint WebParts

SharePoint WebParts

SharePoint Services Fundamentals Author(s): Fritz Onion 1/16/2010 [01:43:08]

This module looks at how to build SharePoint WebParts. We cover the construction of simple web parts, setting chrome properties, controlling personalization settings, building composite WebParts, WebPart verbs, WebPart connections, and using user controls in WebParts.

Web Services

Web Services BizTalk 2009 Fundamentals Author(s): Matt Milner 11/24/2009 [01:07:01]

This module describes how web services can be used to expose BizTalk messaging and orchestration functionality, and how services can be consumed from BizTalk Server.

Orchestrations II

Orchestrations II

BizTalk 2009 Fundamentals Author(s): Matt Milner 1/14/2010 [01:14:21]

This modules provides details on concepts related to message correlation, dynamic port binding options, and managing scopes of execution in your process with transactions and exception handling.


Controls Silverlight 3 Fundamentals Author(s): Ian Griffiths 10/25/2009 [00:42:59]

This module explores the controls built into the Silverlight core, and the extras added in by the SDK. You will see how to customize the appearance of controls through the template and styling mechanisms, and illustrates the use of the visual state manager.


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Windows 7 Taskbar Overlays with Windows API Code Pack

Windows 7 Taskbar Overlays Author(s): Kate Gregory 1/26/2010 [00:14:00]

Learn how-to use the Windows API Code Pack to overlay an informative icon (such as a "new mail" or status indicator) over your application's taskbar icon, or to overlay a progress bar.

Building a Website with Dynamic Data and the Entity Framework - Part I

Building a Website with Dynamic Data Author(s): Yacine Khammal 2/1/2010 [00:09:31]

Part 1 of a 2-part series on how-to build a data-driven website using ASP.NET Dynamic Data and the ADO.NET Entity Framework. This how-to uses Visual Studio 2010, .NET 4.0 Beta 2 and C#.

Simple Reporting using LINQ to XML and ASP.NET declarative data binding - Part I

Simple Reporting using LINQ to XML and ASP.NET Author(s): Keith Brown 2/8/2010 [00:18:38]

Part 1 of a 2-part series on using XML to store the results of the report, LINQ to XML to generate it, and declarative data binding in ASP.NET to display it. Learn how-to use some of the most basic tools in the .NET Framework to get started reporting.

WPF Dependency Properties

WPF Dependency Properties Author(s): Ian Griffiths 11/1/2009 [00:14:41]

Learn how-to write your own properties to take advantage of the 'dependency property' system. WPF has a property system that supports styling, animation, data binding, change notification, and various other useful features.

WPF Events

WPF Events Author(s): Ian Griffiths 11/1/2009 [00:11:15]

This how-to video describes how WPF builds on the basic event support in .NET to add event routing.

WPF Commands

WPF Commands Author(s): Ian Griffiths 11/1/2009 [00:21:15]

As well as providing basic event handling for low-level input like mouse up and down events and keypresses, WPF also offers a more abstract ‘command’ mechanism. Learn how-to use commands, and how-to write your own.

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Pluralcast #8 : The Economics of Cloud Computing Listen to this episode! [43:51]

In this episode, David Starr visited with some entrepreneurs and other folks who have made a business decision that the cloud is a good bet. These discussions revealed some interesting and sometimes surprising economics behind this evolving computing model. Featuring Bob Lokken, Bill Baker, and Jason Milgram.

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