Silverlight on Mobile Devices

Sam Chenaur recently conducted an interview with Lennox Scott, Chairman and CEO of John L Scott Real Estate.  With the help of Dr. Neil Roodyn, Tricky Business, and Loke Uei Tan from the Windows Mobile team, John L Scott Real Estate agreed to build a Silverlight POC targeting the Windows Mobile platform. 

Here is some interesting information about John L. Scott Real Estate:

  • John L. Scott Real Estate was founded in 1931 and is currently led by third generation chairman and CEO, J. Lennox Scott
  • Closed over 44,000 real estate transactions in 2007
  • Grossed 14.6 billion dollars in sales volume in 2007 making it the 4th most productive regional real estate company in the US
  • 145 offices with over 4,300 sales associates located throughout Washington, Oregon, and Idaho
  • receives over one million user visits a month producing over nine million listing views
  • Currently ranked the 8th most productive real estate brokerage in the nation by RIS Media
  • Currently ranked the 4th largest regional real estate company in the nation by REAL Trends
  • Recipient of Inman Innovator Award for “Most Innovative Real Estate Company in the Nation”
  • Every year the John L. Scott foundation contributes hundreds of thousands of dollars to sponsor events that help to raise millions of dollars for children's healthcare throughout the Pacific Northwest

Silverlight Mobile with John L Scott Real Estate

For more information on Silverlight 1.0 for Mobile visit:

FAQ: Silverlight for Mobile

Q: When will Silverlight 1.0 be available for mobile?
A: We will have the First Developer CTP for Silverlight for mobile available in 2nd Quarter of CY 2008 targeting Windows Mobile 6.

Q: What form will Silverlight take on mobile?
A: Silverlight on mobile will take the form of a browser plug-in, the same as the web version.

Q: Which version of Silverlight will run on devices? 1.0 or 2?
A: Initially Silverlight 1.0 will run on mobile devices.

Q: What tools will be used to develop Silverlight mobile applications?
A: Because XAML is the foundation of Silverlight, Microsoft Expression Studio will provide features for designing Silverlight. Expression Design can be used for creating the visual elements while wiring the design with code can be done with either Expression Blend or with Visual Studio.

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