Toolshed Episode 2: It’s All About the Tools

In this video, you will find tools to help solve these common developer challenges…

  • Maintaining the truth and privacy of your data while making changes to the schema
  • Another report project?
  • Setting up a virtual playground for testing and development
  • Building a web site from scratch in minutes without code
  • How can I customize my build process?  

(When viewing in Silverlight, the dots on the timeline correspond to the scenes listed below.)

  • Tool Shed Theme Song
  • Introduction
  • Demo 1 - VSTS DB Pro
  • Demo 2 - SQL Reporting Services
  • Demo 3 - Virtual PC
  • Demo 4 - DotNetNuke
  • Demo 5 - MSBuild Extensibility talking to Twitter by Guest Speaker Microsoft MVP, Sayed Ibrahim Hashimi
  • Developer Community Update by Brain Johnson

You will love our guest speaker, Microsoft MVP Sayed ... as he dazzles us on extending MSBuild to talk to Twitter, I guarantee it for any coder!

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