US Imagine Cup Finals Day 4–Final Presentations, Showcase and Awards


Day 4 brings the US Imagine Cup to its conclusion. The day included final presentations from the round 2 finalists, a showcase on the Redmond Campus and the announcement of the winners at the awards ceremony. All the teams that participated were really amazing and represent the best minds in software design, software development and community outreach in the country.

Congratulations to all the US Imagine Cup winners: Big Impact Bear (Gaming, Mobile), Team Bloom (Gaming, Xbox/PC), and Team Note-Taker (Software Design). Daniel Salazar, Brett Langsjoen, Antonio Farias, Andrew Zurek, Nathan Moore, Shashank Srinivas. Congratulations  to all the teams that competed!

ICUS Day 4.1-32 ICUS Day 4.1-3
Drexel Dragons share a moment with Bill Buxton Team Note Taker on stage makes their case
ICUS Day 4.1-22 ICUS Day 4.1-25
Jane McGonigal gets playtime on Paradox, the game entry from the NY team Geek League Bill Buxton chats with Team Note Taker
ICUS Day 4.2-8 ICUS Day 4.2-10
TTHV accepts their awards Team Note Taker takes First Place and now heads to the World Finals in NYC!!!

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