Renewed TechNet Professional 25% Off Discount code – TNITQ411

A short time ago the TechNet folks renewed the Discount code that I had been publishing in the April through June timeframe to receive a 25% discount off the TechNet Professional Subscription.  Rather than paying the list price of $349, New Subscribers can use the TNITQ411 Discount code and receive 25% off and pay only $261.75!

Why a TechNet subscription you ask?  If you haven’t been to any of the local TechNet events in the area where I cover this topic, below is a quick summary of why a TechNet Professional not only pays for itself, but makes IT Pros more effective at implementing and supporting a Microsoft infrastructure. 

So why a TechNet Professional Subscription you ask?

  • Microsoft software licensed for evaluation purposes. Evaluate full-version commercial products without time limits or feature limits, including Microsoft operating systems, servers, and Office System software. Almost every piece of Microsoft software available for download at your fingertips!
  • Beta software. Receive pre-release versions of Microsoft operating systems, servers and business applications.  Be on and stay on the leading edge!
  • Professional Support Incidents. A TechNet Plus subscription includes two complimentary Professional Support incidents and a 20% discount on additional support incidents. (~$500 value!) The subscription pays for itself!
  • Managed Newsgroup Support. Unlimited access to over 100 Managed Newsgroups. Get expert answers to your technical questions within the next business day—guaranteedA great way to get additional technical support!
  • Technical resources for Microsoft products. Access the Technical Information Library to keep systems and IT skills up-to-date.
  • Microsoft eLearning courses. Includes a selection of Microsoft eLearning courses for free each quarter.
  • Online Concierge Chat. Chat with a Microsoft Search Assistant online for help finding the technical resources you need or for assistance with non-technical questions.

Great stuff, huh?  So why don’t you go ahead and sign up now and start taking advantage of this great offer today!