SharePoint, SharePoint, SharePoint… What do you want to see/learn/go deep on in the SharePoint ecosystem at an upcoming TechNet event?

So my regular readers of my blog know that I’ve been largely an Exchange and UC guy for the last few years, but I’ve also dabbled in SharePoint during my career at Microsoft.  Any of you who have attended the May or June TechNet events in the East Region got a glimpse of some of the SharePoint 2010 feature set that’s available, but it was just that, a glimpse. 

What we’re in the process of doing right now is putting together the agenda for a SharePoint 2010 “firestarter” type series of TechNet events where the entire day is dedicated to a single subject.  Microsoft has gotten regular feedback from the TechNet event series that the “content wasn’t deep enough” or the “content was too deep” and the idea of a “firestarter” event is to do both.  The day starts out with a “SharePoint 101” type session and then moves on to some of the slightly more complex features and then continues to get deeper in content throughout the day with demos, upgrades and complex features being explained and shown.  The goal is to engage the entire audience, regardless of their knowledge on a particular subject matter.

So what do you think?  Does this format make sense? 

Regarding the actual SharePoint 2010 content that will be covered in these all day events, what areas are you most interested in? SharePoint 2010 upgrades from MOSS 2007?  Office Web Apps?  PowerPivot? Let me know!  Send me some feedback on the format and most importantly, what content you’d like to see us GO DEEP on.