Windows Azure Online Event Series, Session 2 begins Monday 5/20 – sign up today!

Join me for this three-part Webcast series focused on Windows Azure designed to help you understand the true ROI for ‘on-demand’ infrastructure scenarios and walk away with real-world proof of concepts that you can implement in your production environment. This scenario focuses on using Windows Azure PowerShell for remote Administration of your newly created environment. This three part series will take place over the course of a 10 day period highlighted by three online events which are outlined below.

You must have a paid subscription to Windows Azure before attending these webcasts. Get one here:

Please NOTE: Windows Azure service fees will be charged to your account during the ~10 day period these VMs will be active. This gives you the advantage of quickly analyzing the real costs associated with the scenarios, and enables you take with you the work you complete during this exercise. We estimate the fees incurred to be within $50-$75 total.

Part 1: Create Virtual Machines and use PowerShell for remote administration
In Part 1, we will create two new virtual machines in Windows Azure, add the Active Directory feature set to one of them, setup networking, and enable the PowerShell capabilities to enable remote administration of this newly created environment. We will also demonstrate the steps of uploading a virtual machine Windows Azure via PowerShell to give attendees an overview of what will take place in part 2.

Part 2: Configuration and Troubleshooting Support with Q&A
In Part 2, we will leverage the feature set of Windows Azure PowerShell and have attendees walk through the steps of uploading either a virtual machine or image to Windows Azure via PowerShell. We will discuss these features in detail, share PowerShell scripts, clarify pricing, and learn many of the new ways that you can utilize Windows Azure to become more productive.

Part 3: De-provisioning the Virtual Machines and Reviewing Cost Analysis
In Part 3, we will de-provision the virtual machines created in Windows Azure and review the cost analysis so that you walk away with a clear understanding on the costs and ROI of the various scenarios and live, ‘production’ proof of concepts.


Looking forward to seeing everyone there!