SQL Server 2005 Programmability

On 15th Feb I'll be doing a talk and demo on two great new SQL Server 2005 Programmability Features: SQL Server Service Broker and SQL/CLR.

A link to the MTUG Ireland event (Thanks to Philip and Clare) is  http://damtug.mtug.ie/Scripts/Events/EventInfo.aspx?ID=b2a6303b-3115-45b5-9991-55007ae1753b

Initials Topics are:
SQL Service Service Broker:
- Overview
- Messages, Contracts, Queues, Services, Dialogs
- Sending/Receiving Messages
- Error Handling
- Routing
- Security

- Overview
- Relaibility and Scalability
- App Domains
- Reliability
- Thread Management
- Exception Handling
- Versioning
- Assembly Deployment
- dot.net Procedureal Code (Stored Procs, UDFs and Triggers)
- SqlServer Data Provider
- Security

I'll try and bring as many code examples as I can with some dos and don'ts and case studies rather than a death by powerpoint.

If we get time, I'd love to show a bit of use of XML Web Services in SQL 2005 as they kinda go hand in hand with messaging and SSB (who needs IIS !)