SQL Server BI Academy

I'll be delivering a whole day on Business Intelligence for the SQL Server 2008 Academy in Dublin on Thurs 13th November (next week)

I'm trying to squeeze about a weeks worth of content into one day, so I guarantee that no-one will go home without picking up lots of new tricks. I've learnt lots about NUMA architecture and windows 2008 just preparing the content - some very neat tricks there for SSIS...

The Sessions are:

  • SSIS Unleashed
  • Scaling the Relational Data Warehouse
  • Accelerating SSAS Design and Performance
  • Creating Flexible Reports with SSRS
  • Reporting Services Architecture and Management
  • BI Technical Infrastructure
  • Some Interesting Microsoft Announcements

This is level 300+ content. No marketing slides here - its aimed at technical professionals with experience in SQL Server to help them maximise potential with SQL 2008 DB engine and the various parts of the BI Platform.

My favourite session is the SSIS one. I really wanted to do more demos - Not quite up to EMC clarion standard of the ETL world record, but I have been playing with running massively parallel SSIS packages on my humble dell MD3000 with SAS disks and 8 core servers running Hyper-V.