The Last SQL Academy in this series goes out in style

The last topic in the series is entitled “SQL 2008 R2 – Next Generation Business Intelligence”. We hope to cover three main improvements in the SQL 2008 R2 release:

a) PowerPivot for Excel
b) PowerPivot for SharePoint
c) Reporting Enhancements

As usual we hope for it to have a lot of demos and the more questions and the better ;-)))

I was just over Seattle last month and grabbed a session with Dave Wickert who is one of the leading authorities on all things PowerPivot and Analysis Services. He really helped go a bit deeper behind the scenes, especially on how authentication works (what no Kerberos!!) works, what drives the need for SharePoint Enterprise Edition and Active Directory from a Technical Perspective. He runs the popular site if you want to read more.

This topic is fiercely popular, sp hopefully a full house…