December 2006 SQL Server 2005 Samples Web Refresh

Ever wanted to install the SQL Server 2005 samples on Vista? If so, I recommend using the lastest sample installers at which we've recently updated for the December 2006 samples web refresh.  The bits that get installed are identical to the July 2006 web refresh except these installers are supported on Vista.  To run these samples you'll need SQL Server Express SP1 or SQL Server Express with Advanced Services SP1.  Other editions of SQL Server 2005 (Developer, Enterprise) won't be supporting Vista until SP2.  These installers provide full access to the person who is running the installation.  If your admin installed the samples, you should ask them to grant you full access if that is what you need.

There is no point to installing the December 2006 web refresh if you aren't using Vista and you already have the July 2006 web refresh installed. 

We are planning to release some new samples and some bug fixes in a future web refresh which will ship when SQL Server 2005 SP2 ships.  I'll blog about it once those bits are live.

Thanks to everyone who met us or provided feedback on samples at PASS here in Seattle.  It was great to meet some of you in person and get your input.