How to get started using SQL Server 2005

A question from one of my readers was, "How do I get started using SQL Server 2005".  That is a great question.  Much of Books Online is targeted at the sophisticated developer or administrators.  Those coming from a Microsoft Access (or similar) background might find it hard to take the leap to SQL Server.  One place to start are the tutorials:  The other place I would recommend would be to visit your favorite online bookstore (,, for example) and just search on SQL Server 2005.  You'll find lots of 3rd party books, and some of them are targeted at beginners.  Wandering through a good brick-and-mortar book store is fun too if you have one handy.

If you like classroom training there are several companies who offer courses on SQL Server 2005 (for example, some of which are appropriate for beginners.

Finally, I would suggest you take a look at some of the product samples in the technology area you want to play with.  For example, suppose you want to learn about CLR server side programming.  There is a very simple "Hello World" CLR sample ( which walks you through the steps necessary to compile the CLR code, create the database objects which allow you to use that code on the server, and then use those objects.

Good luck!