Hello everybody, I am a software engineer, designer, developer and technologist in general.  I've been doing this professionally for about oh... 26 years (Yike!) and have been with Microsoft for almost 3 years.  I've owned a software company, led numerous development projects, been a DBA, managed project schedules, development teams, etc. etc. ad infinitum.  Assembler and COBOL to C++,C# and everything in between, this platform, that OS, web, desktop and mobile projects, yadda, yadda, I've seen a lot of programming fads and patterns come and go.  I've solved a lot of problems over the years, truly, this is what drives my passion for technology, there's always something new to learn and always another hurdle to overcome.  A simple search will generally find a plethora of others who have dealt with and overcome the issues your dealing with, occasionally though you run into that off the wall problem that no one else seems to be seeing and you have to combine solutions from others or come up with your own.  Admittedly, I've been really lousy about sharing those experiences and the solutions that were carved out.  You know how it is, you climb the mountain, get to the top, raise your arms in triumph and in that moment of unadulterated bliss, off in the distance, you see another mountain and off you go!  I should have done a better job of sharing the experience with my peers, get a little input on where I may have gone awry and possibly help those dealing with the same issues.  I'm going to try and rectify that by posting some of the issues I'm dealing with currently and I'm going to go back into the archive and pull out a few.