Gates and Sinofsky spill the beans on the future of InfoPath

Just been watching more of the BillG keynote from the Office Dev Con.  The second part of the session is a QnA with Bill and Steven Sinofsky.  Bill and Steven made some interesting comments about the future of InfoPath.


Asked by an audience member about the strategic direction for forms technologies, Sinofsky squarely put the focus on InfoPath and SharePoint in the IW space.  No surprises there.  But Sinofsky then went on to explain some of the vision for future versions of InfoPath: Customers have asked what about the thin client? 'We’ve heard that and ‘we’re going to hit that right away’. Gates went on to add more detail: InfoPath ‘with rich controls, on top of the Avalon runtime’, but also with the ability to ‘project onto classic HTML’.  So InfoPath is likely to evolve into a Forms package that can target thin-client HTML delivery and rich client Avalon delivery.  Look forward to it.