Help the NHS get the software YOU need

imageMy name is Hilary Palmén,  I work for Microsoft UK planning and conducting research with NHS professionals that for the NHS Common User Interface (CUI) project.   More information about the CUI  project is available on:

In February we are planning research to build descriptions of non-clinical NHS employee’s jobs,  their work goals,  the challenges they encounter and the types of tasks they regularly undertake.  These descriptions will be used to help the Microsoft CUI team identify opportunities to help these people achieve their goals.  We are seeking non-clinical NHS employees in either secondary care trusts, primary care trusts, or general practice that are prepared to give us 2-3hrs of their time to describe their job role at their normal place of work?   Below is a short description of what the research will involve. 

Benefits of volunteering:

  • You can influence software development to make sure it supports what you, and people like you,  actually need to be able to do for your job.

Microsoft is looking for volunteers who:

  • Work in primarily non-clinical roles including,  but not limited to: Estates, Human resources, Finance, Catering, Domestic, Health education/promotion officer, Medical secretary/personal assistant, Health records staff, Housekeeper, Clinical support staff.
  • Are enthusiastic about communicating the challenges they encounter in their daily job.
  • Currently use a PC as part of their work on a daily basis.  Volunteers do not have to be confident or advanced computer users.
  • Are not working in IT related roles.
  • Are willing to have a Microsoft researcher spend 1-2hrs interviewing them about their job the  spend approximately 1 hour shadowing them at their normal place of work.
  • Are available between January 28th and February 15th 2008.
  • Work for NHS Trusts based in Southern England or the Midlands.

How to find out more and volunteer?

Contact me to find out more or to arrange a suitable time, date and place for the interview and shadowing.