TechEd Europe: T-3 days

I spent yesterday putting the final touches to the two sessions I will be delivering at TechEd.    I am really excited about this and my only frustration is that I will have to wait until the end of the week to deliver them - but they will be well worth the wait - trust me!


BPR313: Building Smart Documents For Information Handling Productivity (1 Jul 16:30)

This session will be of value for people new to Smart Documents and experienced Smart Document developers alike.  There's an awful lot of information to cover in this session and we will go at quite a pace, but you will love the new object model that enables Smart Documents to be created in a fraction of the time it currently takes.


BPR314: Delivering Rich Information via Research Services (2 Jul 14:45)

This session covers Office Research Services from top to bottom, and in a similar way to my other session, I'll be demonstrating a new object model that will enable developers to concentrate on the business logic of the Research Services rather than writing XML serialization and plumbing code.


Here's my top tips for other sessions not to be missed:

BPR315 Office Developer: Taming the Office Security Features for Solutions

Andrew Whitechapel on managing the security features of Office.


BPR362 XML Web Services: Bridging Microsoft Office Applications and Enterprise Information

There's only one session at TechEd on the Information Bridge Framework, so this session is bound to be packed. Absolutely not to be missed!


BPR332 InfoPath 2003 SP1: Using Managed Code to Build Solutions

Learn how to use the new managed code-behind capability in InfoPath 2003 SP1.


BPR318 VSTO: Developing Word and Excel Solutions - Tips and Tricks

Andrew Whitechapel again with a bunch of hands-on demos showing how to do the tough stuff that will give your solutions the edge.