Tesla: Desktop Tagging and Collaboration

Korby Parnell writes that videos of the presentations from the 2nd annual Microsoft Social Computing Symposium are online.  Anyone interested in collab topics would do well to take a look at these.  One that caught my eye is a session from Microsoft Research: "Tesla and Tagging for the desktop".  This is a take on the del.icio.us / Flickr social bookmarking and tagging concept brought to the dekstop.  The basic premise is no more folders, tag everything instead, and your tags become virtual folders.  Share your tags over p2p/rss/central server so you can subscribe, get notified and collaborate with colleagues when they tag a file with a topic you are interested in.  Now take that idea and add it to the announcement we made last week about RSS list support in Longhorn and IE7...  Starting to get excited yet?


Korby BTW works at MS on community and collab software and will be over at TechEd Europe next week along with his team mate Betsy Aoki who basically runs this site.  Betsy is presenting a couple of sessions on community & collab topics.  Not quite sure what Korby is doing.  I don't see your name on the speaker list Korby - just along for the ride?