IdeaBlade and Free Version

I spent some time on the phone yesterday with Robert Otto of IdeaBlade.  IdeaBlade is a “developer productivity suite for data-intensive client/server applications “.

They have made a free version available to MSDN readers at
This version, IdeaBlade lite, includes “a RAD framework, an integrated ORM, model-view-controller architecture, advanced UI DataBinding,”

In addition they are do four free Webinars.  I have posted the information below.

This really looks like an exciting product and best of all they have a free version of MSDN readers to use.

August 8th:  Rapidly Build Smart Client Applications with IdeaBlade
Learn how you can use the IdeaBlade rapid application development framework for the Microsoft .NET Framework to write a single application that is both a feature-rich client and server application, and a scalable, secure smart client application without additional coding. At the beginning of this webcast, we build an Employee Viewer in 10 minutes. We then examine what is taking place at each step to illustrate how the IdeaBlade framework, Object Role Modeling, and advanced user interface data binding allow for rapid application development within the Microsoft Visual Studio 2003 environment. We also identify other ways you can apply these methods and tools to build powerful enterprise smart client applications.

August 12th:  Easily Transition from Visual Basic 6.0 to Visual Basic .NET with IdeaBlade
Learn how you can make a smooth transition from Microsoft Visual Basic version 6.0 to Microsoft Visual Basic .NET using IdeaBlade. The IdeaBlade approach guides you toward object-oriented development. Our approach avoids the need to learn .NET while simultaneously building underlying application infrastructure. IdeaBlade is the result of our extensive experience building enterprise applications in Visual Basic. During the presentation, we build an application in ten minutes, giving you the opportunity to see demonstrations of key IdeaBlade technologies such as object relational mapping and advanced user interface data binding.

August 26th:  Best Practices in Distributed Smart Client Application Development
Designing and building distributed smart client applications should not be difficult or intimidating. In this webcast, we talk about key attributes of smart client architectures. We discuss tradeoffs that need to be considered, and design concepts that allow for simple, powerful and rapid application development. If you have ever built a two-tier client/server application you can quickly understand the concepts behind developing either two-tier or n-tier distributed smart client applications.

August 31st:  Rapid Application Development with IdeaBlade 3.0 and Microsoft Visual Studio 2005
The Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 offers significant improvements in fundamental capabilities and ease of use for the professional developer. Concurrent with the launch of Microsoft Visual Studio 2005, the IdeaBlade version 3.0 rapid application development framework for .NET will also provide a significant leap in capabilities. In this webcast, we highlight key new features of both products, and demonstrate their synergy by creating a sample application. See how the IdeaBlade "plumbing" between the .NET foundation and your application can help you focus your development efforts on business logic, and how the IdeaBlade Object Role Modeling, container persistence, caching, and advanced data binding features can help you get your .NET applications to market faster.