A new generation of programmers begins

I have started teaching my 6-year old son logo as our summer learning project.  My goal is to help him discover the creativity and logical thinking approach that programming requires. And, of course to share a passion that I have with him, so there is a tiny hope we will have something to talk about when he is a teenager. ;-)

Anyway, tonight he just finished his ‘real’  first program!  A bit of it was copied from an example and some of it was inspired from watching me play around, but really it was all his idea. 


Bostons first logo program

Oh, and you Framework Design Guidelines fans – don’t worry, names like “tri” and “wee” will not last.. what is the naming conventions for Logo anyway?  (btw, “wee” is short for pinwheel and tri of course is triangle)

We are using FMSLogo… it is fine, but we’d be happy to move to a .NET version if you can recommend something.

Have you taught child programming?  how did it go?  what did you use?