Program Manager (PM) Tip Index

I thought it would be worthwhile to produce an index for the (very) occasional series I have on giving tips to PMs at Microsoft. 

PM Tip #10: Interview Tips for Landing a Great Program Management Job

PM tip# 11: Information is the Currency of Program Management

PM Tip #14: Great teams have members that defy roles

PM Tip #12: Don't waste keystrokes

PM Tip #21: Sanity Will Prevail

PM Tip # 32: Nothing kills excitement like ambiguity

PM Tip #57: Write the agenda on the board

PM Tip #72 Instant feedback...

PM Tip #73: The "Be More Visible" Sham

PM Tip  #78: Reveal your stupidity

Presentation tip: They Remember the Mistakes more than the Polish

Building Consensus  

That is a full day's work!

The What and the How

Thoughts on writing reviews...

The Wisdom of Crowds: Rethinking consensus


Maybe one day I will do the other 89 tips ;-)