Silverlight, ASP.NET, Expression and Windows Server 2008

I had a great time this morning with Sam and Mai-lan from the IIS and Windows Media Server teams.   

Together we demo'ed some cool new stuff in ASP.NET including:

Expression Media Encoder
UpdatePanel and UpdateProgress
AutoCompleteExtender and TextWaterMarkExtender
asp:History - Finally control over the back button!
Profile Service
Bit rate throttling in IIS7 - which allows web site vendors to control the wasted bandwidth due to drop off while still preserving a great initial experience. 
Live Streaming with Windows Media Server - this is a very cool demo where we use Expression Media Encoder to encoded some video live from a webcam, push it to a WMS server which then makes it available to HUGE numbers of folks for live viewing.. anyone see a return of the JenniCam en mass? 

ASP.NET support for SearchSiteMaps - this enables you to easily publish your database for search sites (like google, yahoo, live) to index.   Check out this query for example which, brings you right to the bear video..

2/3's ad - I showed a sample extender for asp:Media that subtly shows an ad in the background of a running silverlight video.. the ads are pulled down via a web service so they can be tailored to the users and the context of the video.

Notice, this is a slight update from my Mix talk, find more information here


The slides
Live demo site [Demo Steps] [24MB] -- Without example videos
mySilverlightTV(WithVideos) [93MB] - With example videos (Update:I got a fix, should work now!)