TechEd: Developer Designer Bless

I had a great time putting together the slides and demo for this talk… It should be fun one where I show off how developers and designers can work together to build a compelling web site…. As part of this I will be showing Expression Web and of course, some cool new stuff in ASP.NET AJAX Beta2!

If you are in at the show, please come by

DEV351 ASP.NET: Developer and Designer AJAX Bliss with Visual Studio and Expression
Brad Abrams
Tue Nov 7 14:15 - 15:30
This session explores best practices for designers who are tackling the real challenges of building AJAX-style user experiences on the Web. Learn about designing richer user experiences directly from the Expression and ASP.NET AJAX development teams. Explore how the ASP.NET AJAX controls and components remove the complexity from designing rich, interactive experiences, and help you build AJAX-style applications more quickly.  

Otherwise, I have posted the slides, the demo will follow later. I'd love to hear what you think!

DEV351_ASP NET Developer and Designer AJAX Bliss with Visual Studio and Expression.ppt