Four Bros Studio has released Volume 1 of Taptitude on WP7 Marketplace


My first XNA game for Windows Phone 7 is out the door.  One thing that is nice about XNA is that I was able to leverage a ton of code from my previous Xbox 360 game (Wayne The Brain).  This time around we decided to do a collection of mini-games with online leaderboards.  Taptitude is the name of the collection and Taptitude: Volume 1 contains the first 5 mini games.



A collection of five competitive mini-games that are sure to test your skills. Compete to earn your spot on the weekly leaderboards, or challenge your friends in pass and play games. Trial mode includes full access to four of the five games.
- Global leaderboards
- Bomb Defuser
- Tap Sequence
- Draw a Circle
- Stay Inside
- Scratch