How to Create and Import a WinPE 3.1 Boot image for use in ConfigMgr 2012 SP1 CU2

 1) Install the WAIK 3.0 package on a remote system 

      NOTE: It is not recommended to have the ADK and WAIK installed on the same system.

2) Install the WAIK 3.1 Supplement update package

3) To install the supplemental update open a command prompt and perform the following command.

      NOTE: 1131 Files should be copied.



4) Open the Deployment Tools Command Prompt



5) Follow the How to Create a Custom Windows PE Image guide to create the custom boot image.

NOTE: add required components:





6) Optionally add drivers to the wim image before completing step 5.


7) Copy the boot.wim file created in step 5 to your ConfigMgr server.

8) Name the boot image appropriately for good house keeping “WinPE 3.1 Boot Image x86

9) Open the ConfigMgr Console and Navigate to Software Library à Operating Systems à Boot images.

10) Select Add Boot Image


11) Specify the UNC Path to your custom boot image and select Next.



12) Supply the Name and Version of your boot image and select Next.



13)  Select Next on the Summary Screen.



14) Next let’s deploy the boot image to PXE enabled DP’s by selecting the following option in the boot image properties.



15) You should now have a functional WinPE 3.1 boot image to use with your legacy systems.

NOTE: Some tabs will appear greyed out in the Boot image properties this is normal as the following options are NOT supported with WinPE 3.1 boot images.

◦Adding drivers

◦Setting scratch space

◦Configuring prestart command

◦Configuring background image file

◦Enabling and disabling command prompt support (debug mode)


** Lastly you might also be able to copy your existing WinPE 3.1 boot images from your ConfigMgr RTM or ConfigMgr 2007 site for import into ConfigMgr 2012 SP1 CU2 but i have yet to test this...


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