Troubleshooting Application Insights

The preview for Application Insights is going well. We are signing up new customers and learning a lot about what works and where we need to improve. We still need to add many features, but it is satisfying to know that customers are making good use of our product even at this early stage. 

We have been working a lot on making it super easy to get started.  We have new Visual Studio extensions and keep improving the Agent installer and our portal. In the past few sprints, we have improved how portal detect whether or not you have data. Each tab like Server Performance, Availability, and Usage will show a configuration experience if you don’t have any of this data coming through.  

However, sometimes there are other issues. Here a set of resources I use to help me when things don’t seem to be working.

For the Agent, Charles Sterling has posted a great entry:  the ALM Blog on troubleshooting the MMA agent

For the client libraries:

Also the Application Insights JavaScript SDK preview update just had an update you can read about on the ALM blog.

Thanks for trying out Application Insights. As always, we
look forward to your comments, suggestions, and input. Here are the links.