ATI driver and windows 10

This is kind of a reminder for me as well as maybe something that can help others also.

My computer was recently upgraded to Windows 10 and when that happened it decided to use the Microsoft Basic Display adapter instead of my legacy ATI radeon 4800 driver.  It had the incorrect resolution and did not detect my dual monitor.

When looking at my display adapter settings in device manager, it did show the display adapter correctly, so that wasn't the issue.  If your adapter is not showing, I heard you can do an uninstall to let the plug in play manager detect it again.  Or update the driver and chose your drivers inf file.  But that wasn't my problem, so here's what I did:

  1. right click the display adapter and choose properties
  2. Click update driver
  3. Choose browse my computer for driver software
  4. choose let me pick of device drivers on my computer
  5. From there I was presented with a list and I went to the previous version of the driver and clicked it

That worked for me, the correct resolution was now on my monitor and my dual monitor was detected.