MSDN and TechNet Search Updated

The team I am working on just finished a re-write of MSDN and TechNet search.  The MSDN and TechNet search pages now allow users to get to their answers faster than ever! Some key enhancements to the search are:

  • Refinements and prescoping of search terms - after your initial search you can narrow or broaden based on sub-terms
  • AutoComplete for search terms - type text in the search and see what terms are best for our search
  • Globalized Search - switch your page to a particular language so its easier for you to search with.
  • Results Language Switching - want to see results for a different language?  This drop down is the spot to do it.

One feature I use all the time now is the IE7 MSDN search provider.  Click the "Got IE7 - Get our Search" link on the MSDN search page on the top banner and you'll get this in your IE7:

IE7 Search - then you can search from right inside your browser and get to your answers even quicker.

Try it out: and

Now there's no other reason to search other search engines for MSDN or TechNet content!  If you don't find what you're looking for within the predefined scope of the search, you can expand your search to the internet in the refinement section:

MSDN Search Refinement

Also, check our Jeremiah's blog as I'm sure he will continue to post more about it: