Ready to feel old ... USSR was soooo last century ...

From one of my more educated buddies at Microsoft...

My mom teaches high school physics.

She said that most of her students haven't even
heard of the Soviet Union. (The exceptions are the ones who happened to
take history.)

I realize that school education is far from
balanced, but I'm a bit surprised that popular culture doesn't mention
it more (e.g. movies like Hunt for Red October).


Note, Martin's mom is in Nova Scotia ... so these
are not even ignorant-of-world-matters-Americans who don't know this. (BTW, for the Americans reading Nova
Scotia is in Canada)!

Given now that the existence of and the dissolution of the Soviet Union
is last century pop culture, made me think, it's probably to
make up a
test with pop culture questions from over time that statistically
(based on what people usually know given formative years during that
time ... e.g. What is the Soviet Union? Britney
Spears' bra size? Before? After? etc) could determine someone's age.

Madonna has a few songs on the billboard charts right now, esp. the
club play list charts ... imagine telling parents in 1983 that
Madonna's fame
will outlast knowledge of the Soviet Union. That would've made
them laugh.

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