A new FAQ page now available

OK, I'll admit its pretty lame that it's been almost two weeks since my last post. I've been pretty busy with non-OpenXML stuff at work as we just finished wrapping up the annual performance reviews so I had to focus on writing those up. We're also getting ready for some spec reviews so I wanted to make sure I was available to help with those. On the OpenXML side of things I've been spending time trying to sort through all the incoming comments from the ISO process.

I'll definitely have some upcoming posts that drill into the comments and I'll give my opinion on them, as there are a number of really good suggestions coming in. Even in TC45 we came up with a number of suggested fixes based on feedback we'd been hearing, as well as some mistakes we spotted over the past year.

Another thing I've been wanted to pull together but haven't had much time is an FAQ. Andrew Sayers had suggested this a couple of times and he even took the time to pull together an outline for me (thank you very much for that Andrew). So I cleaned it up a bit and it's now posted here: http://blogs.msdn.com/brian_jones/pages/faq.aspx

I'll try to work on it every couple weeks and fill in what's already listed. As new topics come up I'll also add them to the list.


OpenXMLCommunity.org Quote of the Day:

Sega, SA – Guatemala

"We are specialized in software development using Microsoft Visual Studio.NET. In our development effort, we regularly faced with unstructured information and especially in generating this information. So we are convinced that introducing an open ECMA standard like Office Open XML will be very helpful for our customer and for us to. It will make it easier for our customer and us to generate process and archive this information. Office Open XML will make easier the processing of structured and unstructured information in a comprehensible and transparent manner."

- Emilio Molina – Development Department Manager