Blogging from Word 2007

Joe Friend has finally made it public that there will be built in blog functionality in Word 2007! I used it for authoring my last post, and I loved it. I wanted to mention it at the time, but didn't want to take away any of Joe's thunder. :-) I had to go through and clean up a couple things, but as Joe said, this feature is coming in a bit hot. Unfortunately, I'm still on Office 2003 here at home so I'm just writing this post in the web form (maybe I should have just waited until I got into work).

Beta 2 should be coming pretty soon, so here's yet another thing that I really think you all are going to love. The tool is really sweet; it takes advantage of content controls and the extensibility of the new user interface. It's also going to have hooks into some of the other applications which Chris alludes to...