Deck from my XML 2005 presentation available

I've had a number of folks who attended my session at the XML 2005 conference ask me if the deck was available online. I thought it was posted, but I wasn't able to find it anywhere so I decided to post it myself. You can go have a look here:

Of course, the deck isn't nearly as interesting as the demos. If you watched my PDC presentation, you can see a number of the same demos (although at the XML 2005 conference I was using Beta 1 and the demos looked better).

After taking Thursday and Friday off for Thanksgiving (I hope those of you that celebrate Thanksgiving had as good of a meal as I had) I figured I'd try to get some work in today, which of course usually leads into me looking at this blog. There are a bunch of comments from the previous two posts that I'll try to get to. I'm also noticing that the folks who are big ODF fans are pushing on other areas now that the openness and licensing details are getting sorted out. There are of course a number of individuals and a couple companies that have really big stakes in that format so you can expect to hear a lot of noise over the coming months. I'm glad the discussions are shifting more into the technical details of the formats and the use cases, as that's what I really enjoy talking about. I look forward to making that shift back into the more technical details which is what most people reading this blog where interested in anyway (but as I said I will also try to get to all the questions from the previous posts). Sorry we had to spend so much time discussing the licensing over the past few months.