Links for 1-25-08

A few interesting and entertaining links to end the week:

  • IBM's Stance Against OpenXML Is Increasingly Confusing – Oliver Bell has a great post where he drills into the history the FUD approach. He also points out how easy it is for a large organization to have trouble with consistent messaging.
  • What every engineer knows – Is this Rob's subtle way of telling us that the ODF committee is disappointed that they didn't receive as thorough of a review when they went through ISO as the detailed review Open XML is now benefitting from and that for the sake of good engineering they would like to resubmit the 1.1 version of the spec to SC34 for a full review? In reading Rob's post, I didn't quite understand what he would think about a bridge that claimed to use AASHTO/AWS D1.5M/D1.5:2002, but in reality it used a different method that was instead "inspired" by that building code [1] [2] [3] [4] Or maybe they didn't document the design at all… [5] [6]
  • "Notes" from the Open XML Battlefront: IBM vs. IBM, part 2 – Similar to Oliver's post, but with a different angle (and you gotta love the quote at the end)
  • Hashing of Passwords in the Open XML File Format – Eric drills into the password hashing issue a bit more, and points out something that I thought most folks were already aware of in terms of comparisons to another ISO standard.