Standards expert Jan van den Beld now blogging

Jan van den Beld, a long time member of the standards community and former Secretary General of Ecma international is now blogging:

I had the privilege of working with Jan last year when we proposed the creation TC45 and then over the next year within TC45 worked with all the other members to create ECMA 376. He was a huge help in getting the group going as some of us had more development experience and not as much standards experience.

It will be great to follow along on Jan's blog to get his perspective on standards. Here's a bit of a blurb from his blog:

My main goals are to write about ICT standardization, its processes, its objectives – what it can do and what it cannot do – the players and their roles, reasons to go for an international standard, the structure of global standards bodies, the liaison between Ecma and ISO, etc., in short about my more than 20 years of experience in the global standardization world, not as a technician – I'm just an engineer in physics from Delft University in The Netherlands who worked mainly in software – but as a "bureaucrat" (as many people call such type of jobs like mine at Ecma).

It's great to have him as a member of the blogging community.

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Arvatech, Inc. – United States

"Open XML benefits such as portability, integration, accessibility and interoperability are essential to our business as software solution providers. Arvatech supports the adoption of Open XML as a standard."

- R Vega – President