The 2007 Office system... already over 500,000 served

I saw this article up on betanews this afternoon saying that just 24 hours after going live, there were already 200,000 downloads of Beta 2. I thought that was pretty impressive and asked a few folks about it. It turns out that we're actually now over 500,000 and the curve is actually ramping up, and not flattening. Who knows where we'll be by next week. This is awesome!

The first draft of the Open XML spec is published; over a half million people have already downloaded the product that uses Open XML by default; and a brand new developer community is forming. This is your chance to be one of the first to work with what will most likely be one of the most widespread file formats in history. You can be one of the first! Let's get these discussions going over at There are about 300 or so members right now, and that was before we even had the beta out. Share your solution ideas, and find out what other people are doing. I'm looking forward to the discussions... most of my friends could care less about file formats, but thankfully I have you guys. :-)