Weird Moment of the Day

I saw this blog from one of the current chairs of the ODF committee in OASIS:

So, ODF was adopted as an ISO standard about a year ago, and since then there has already been a new version of ODF (1.1) released by OASIS, and they are supposedly close on version 1.2. I believe 1.2 is supposed to be significant as they've promised it will include a formula definition for spreadsheets (although the working group hasn't seen much activity lately if you look at the mailing list archives: So, the maintenance of ODF right now is being handled solely by OASIS, and I'm not sure what their plans are for bringing new drafts to the ISO.

Now, one of the Chairs of the ODF committee (IBM and Sun are now co-chairs of the ODF committee) has a blog post saying that Microsoft is somehow pulling a "bait and switch" because Ecma has proposed to ISO that a joint maintenance agreement be set up once DIS 29500 is approved. We're still months away from approval, but TC45 has already reached out and tried to start a discussion around maintenance.

So it's been a year since Rob's committee had its ISO approval and has since then maintained sole control; and TC45's DIS 29500 still has a few months before approval and they are already trying to establish a maintenance agreement. And this is now called a "bait and switch"?

That's my Weird Moment of the Day.