Curse on the Windows Team Blog

No, not that kind of curse. Brandon has a great post on the Windows Team Blog about BizSpark Startup Curse. Check it out.

Managing Game User Interface Add-ons with the Curse Client from

I consider myself a casual gamer. I play a few PC games, mostly Games for Windows – LIVE titles, and of course Xbox. But this week I’ve been exposed to an interesting area of online gaming. Some of the more advanced gamers out there might find it sad that prior to this week, I had no idea there is such a big community of user interface add-on authors who create free plug-ins for online games like World of Warcraft. I had, of course, heard of and played World of Warcraft before, but didn’t know there were user interface add-ons for the game. User interface add-ons are plug-ins that change the user interface that a player utilizes in a game. This is where the folks from come in. They have created a client for Windows – the Curse Client – that is designed specifically to deliver user interface add-ons that 3rd party authors publish through


I mentioned on FB last week that a big patch came out for World of Warcraft last Tuesday and that one of the things that Curse was able to do was to mitigate traffic spike problems by moving to the Microsoft Web Platform. They seemed to have handled lasts weeks patch with no problem at all.