Got my Spot!

OK, so I picked up my new Spot Watch today. I decided on the Suunto because I read everything I could about the different watches available and this is a watch I would buy even if it didn't offer this cool new service. I took some pictures, and I'll post in those in a bit. My first impression is that I really like this device as a watch, which is arguably the most important thing.

The funny thing was, the guys at the CompUSA I visited didn't know that they carried this watch. The Abacus was on display but the Suunto wasn't there. I couldn't figure it out because I had checked for availability on the Internet before I went over there. It turns out that CompUSA sells a line of Suunto watches (in an impressive display) and so to them, this was just another watch in the shipment. Once they figured out that they had some "in the back" they were very helpful. Bottom line, if you're looking for this watch at CompUSA, check for availablity before you go and then you'll probably need to have somebody go find it for you when you get to the store.