HTML5 Drag and Drop for SharePoint

Really good article in MSDN Magazine this month by Andrey Markeev. Check it out:

Adding HTML5 Drag and Drop to SharePoint Lists

Microsoft SharePoint is an enterprise platform with a long history and vast variety of features, which is why it can’t always react quickly enough to follow emerging Web technology trends. Despite a wide enterprise adoption of SharePoint and a huge effort to provide a broad number of features, SharePoint still lags behind modern CMS products in terms of immersive UIs, such as HTML5 and CSS3.

In my opinion, HTML5 is not only a hot new technology, but it truly has many practical benefits: it’s easy, convenient and rich—and it’s supported, more or less, by all the modern browsers (including mobile device browsers). Additionally, HTML5 and JavaScript are becoming major technologies for desktop programming in Windows.

Found this via MSDN Flash.