Jana Carter Posts to the Community Blog

My good friend Jana has added her voice to the Microsoft.com Community weblog. Jana is the product manager for the technical chat program at Microsoft, so I'm sure many of you know her from that. It looks like she'll be able to pass on some pretty interesting information, such as the following from today's post.

313, 314, 315...and counting

A cool moment happened today at work; we achieved a new record high for the # of attendees (315) in one of our live chats. Keep in mind our normal audience size for a live chat is around 30-50, this morning, the Windows XP SP2 team held a chat with their beta testers and we scrambled to support all attendees & their questions! The previous record (300) was held by the Xbox team; sorry Xbox! One bad thing about a record, you always have to keep topping it :)